Shipping and return policies for BIG SPIRIT

Shipping Info
Do you track orders?

No, it costs too much time and money and we want to keep things affordable. But we’re always happy to track down your order if it doesn’t arrive. However you will receive an email the day your order leaves us and is on its way.

Can I combine orders on my shipping?

Unfortunately our shop is linked directly to our shipping company, and once an order is confirmed it can't be changed nor combined with another one. We recommend double checking your purchase before finalising your order.

Can I get my pre-order early?

Generally speaking, no. It’ll get shipped out on or just after the release date. If it ever does show up early, consider it a bonus.

What determines postage rates and customs fees?

External forces determine our rates and fees for shipping, and they’re beyond our control. We do our best to keep them as small as possible.
Return Policy
We don't do refunds unfortunately. If your record doesn't work or sounds damaged send us and email at and we'll sort you out an exchange. Imperfect packaging and minor scuffs are inevitable during the shipping process. If you want to get your hands on perfect stock, the best way is to pick up vinyl at one of our shows.